La Eternidad- Washed Caturra- Antioquia, Colombia

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Flavor ProfileDistinctive hazelnut, milk chocolate, vanilla, cocoa and lemon/lime citrus notes

Producer:  Finca La Eternidad is the signature farm owned by Ernesto Garces located in the town of La Concordia in the Distric of Antioquia. Not only is this the first farm Ernesto grew coffee on over 60 years ago, but he was born on this farm and began his family here as well! A lot of beans have been picked since he first began and now the very same family he started here is helping with the long standing tradition of growing with excellence!



Varietal: Caturra


Altitude: 1450 to 1900 masl

LocationSouth West Antioquia

Soil content:  Volcanic ash

Process:  Wet with mechanical dry and  traditional fermentation and demucilage machine as well.

Temperature:  16 to 28 centigrades

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