Guatemala; Finca Retana

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Flavor Profile: Wild-flower honey, sweet herbal notes, slight hints of plum, raisin, pear with a cedar/lemongrass finish. 

Candelaria is a large farm located in the Alotenango area, not far from Antigua. The farm is at the base of the sweeping ascent to the peak of Volcan de Fuego, with coffee grown between 1220 and 1500 meters. Much of the farm is set aside as natural forest. Candelaria was an old farm that was in poor condition when it came under the ownership and management of Luis Pedro Zelaya Sr. There has been a process of revitalization at Candelaria for some years now, as older trees are heavily pruned back (which takes them our of production for 2 years) or replaced completely with new plant material.  The farm is still very traditional in most ways, using a shading of Grevillea and Inga trees, and processing using the typical wet-process fermentation method.


Varietal: Bourbon

Altitude: 1220 to 500 masl

Soil content: Volcanic 

Process: Washed

Location: Alotenango, Guatemala

Each bag ships as 12 oz.