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Burundi, Sogestal Kirimiro

Flavor Profile: Zesty orange, cinnamon and clove (essentially mulling spices) flavor...

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ECR Seasonal Espresso Blend

The ECR Sieasonal Espresso is what keeps bringing our "Java Junkies" back to our esp...

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El Boton- Sun Dried Natural Maragogipe, Antioquia Colombia

    Flavor Profile: Bright blueberry, raspberry, milk chocolate, banana/mango and hi...

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Soft vintage short sleeve t-shirt to rock you world!

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Ethiopia; Konga -Yirgacheffe - Natural

Flavor Profile: Mixed berries, yellow cherry, ripe peach, apricot and exotic floral...

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Guatemala; Finca Retana

    Flavor Profile: Wild-flower honey, sweet herbal notes, slight hints of plum, rai...

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La Eternidad- Washed Caturra- Antioquia, Colombia

  Flavor Profile: Distinctive hazeln...

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Santa Monica- Washed Caturra- Antioquia, Colombia

Flavor Profile: Clover honey, black cherry, vanilla, tangy cranberry with a citric l...

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V-60 Paper Fitlers

Whether brewing a Cup of Excellence coffee or just your favorite everyday bean from...

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