DOWNTOWN MIAMI, FL. – (June 1, 2011) – Miami like any other city is full of coffee shops, none of them however roast their own coffee in house and grow and export their own coffee at origin, until now that is. In June, Eternity Coffee Roasters opened its doors to the bustling population of Downtown Miami to become the first local coffee roastery and coffee house in town. Located across from the Chase Bank building on Southeast Second Avenue just north of the Brickell Bridge, this coffee house and espresso bar will be a relaxing stop for business professionals, local residents, and tourists in a rapidly changing Downtown. With the ability to constantly roast coffee in small batches, Eternity Coffee Roasters provides customers with the freshest espresso and coffee drinks at the peak of perfection.


Eternity Coffee Roasters is owned by Chris Johnson a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and Cristina Garces from Medellin Colombia. Together, the two share an extensive background in the coffee industry. Chris is Eternity’s Roast Master and lead Barista. In 2006, he opened CDJ Imports, a specialty coffee import company emphasizing in micro-lots from Colombia. He has studied with coffee guru Willem Boot in Mill Valley, California everything from Roast Profiling to Cupping and takes several trips a year to visit the coffee plantations.


Cristina comes from a long line of coffee growers and has become respected worldwide for her growing practices and served as a judge in many coffee competitions. Her family has owned farms in Concordia Colombia for 60 years. Finca La Eternidad, the namesake of ECR, is the farm her father Ernesto Garces was born on and later married his wife Isabel. Montes y Colinas is their specialty line of estate and micro lot coffees and a main supplier of coffees to ECR.


While Eternity Coffee Roasters specializes in a traditional Italian espresso menu, the shop itself is far from traditional. The space has an upscale and industrial interior design and features Chris’s custom designed pour-over bar, ensuring a robust flavor and extraction in every cup. The espresso bar offers a superior selection of single origin coffees from Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia as well as other coffee producing countries from around the world.


“Micro roasteries are very popular on the West Coast and somewhat in the North East, but the trend has yet to spread in the South East. Eternity Coffee Roasters will introduce that coffee culture and bring a new coffee experience to Miami” says Eternity Coffee Roasters’ owner and roast master, Chris Johnson.


“We can tell any customer exactly where their cup of coffee was grown, when it was roasted and how it made it into his or her cup. Very few places can say that and I think that our customers will appreciate the transparency and quality of our product,” added Cristina Garces, co-owner and coffee grower.

In addition to fresh coffee drinks, Eternity Coffee Roasters sells a variety of teas, juices, and pastries made fresh every morning as well as whole bean coffees roasted daily to purchase and brew at home. They also offer free WiFi, outdoor seating and Sunday morning cuppings (the coffee version of a wine tasting). Free parking is available in the building with validation.


About Eternity Coffee Roasters

Eternity Coffee Roasters is the first local coffee roastery within an espresso bar to be opened in the heart of Downtown Miami. The espresso bar creates and serves coffee drinks at the peak of perfection, prepared with cutting edge extraction methods and technologies. Eternity Coffee Roasters located at 117 SE 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida. Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday 9a-5p and Saturday & Sunday 10a-3p. Prices range from $2.50-$4.75 a cup depending on the roast. For more information, visit